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Spirit Communication & Self Authority

I have been communicating with Spirit since the age of 3. Clearly my language my logic and even my emotional self were not developed at that time but the energetic connection was as real as can be.

Along the way I have discovered that much of my accuracy in “tuning in “has been on the energetic level. That is to say, being in charge of my own energy bodies which involves keeping emotions calm and mind without thoughts. It also involves staying in my body, which is feeling grounded and not moving my energy out towards the person with whom I am reading.

As soon as I go out to their field, I am not in my own. Being so far out of my own energy body makes it well nigh impossible to communicate with my messenger Guides. Leaving also brings a low-level anxiety to my emotions and decreases my confidence in what is coming out of my mouth! In the earlier days of my work, I would catch myself and bring myself back to centre (within my own field). Let me tell you this is the most exhausting way to the work.

Speaking of work, I mean staying centered grounded and clear of our own stuff. Which includes “Is this my imagination “? In actuality, we receive messages , when we are grounded and still the information comes from Spirit easily. It fills us with the sense of Love they have for the person receiving the reading. In this way, we get to experience unconditional Love and it feels nourishing for us!

This centering is crucial in semi-trance channelling. I have found myself in readings with tears running from eyes as I am so deeply touched by what Spirit is offering. The feelings are flowing through me but I am not mentally attracted to them. In fact, whatever I have said I cannot remember as 100% of my focus is managing my level of consciousness and balance. If the person having the reading asks about what was said , I go back to my Guides and have them answer.

Being in self authority and in charge of our own energy i.e. being with ourselves, does not start in our meditation seats. It is reflected on how we experience this deeper connection to Life. The more we are in our own authority, without being defended against Life and others, the easier Spirit communication will become. When we aren’t in our own authority we split psychologically and energetically.

“Whenever you notice and respond only to the outer manifestations of life, you cannot feel at home within yourself and, therefore, in life. Such alienation is a direct result of unawareness of the inner reality of human life. A deliberate tuning into deeper, more sensitive layers of experience is required to cultivate and increase this awareness. A very deliberate, yet relaxed attempt must be made to feel the underlying causes of the outer results in your life”. PWL 160

We leave ourselves by promising something that brings resentment, agreeing to keep the peace, listening to the authority figure (boss sibling parent) with the feeling our opinions are secondary or not worthy of mention. We leave ourselves when we allow energy “vampires” or extremely demanding and negative people to affect us. We make the decision to engage in their energy field.

It extends beyond people, we can leave ourselves when we are enthralled by Facebook, emails, movies, shopping, unconscious eating or any activity that pulls us out of our Inner centre. We all do this ! The point is not perfection or self-loathing because we get pulled out. The point is slowly becoming aware of it so we can centre ourselves more and more over time.

Our reward? We will gain a wonderful tool: Knowing when with are with ourselves and when we have split off and fuse with the "outer" in whatever form ...

May we be Here Now and may we be centered on the Inner, with Ourselves.

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