I have been priviledged through Spirit to serve many people over the years. I am grateful to have such supportive clients such as those who have expressed their experiences below.

Laurie L.
Chatham, Ontario
Marketing Coordinator
Chatham Cultural Centre

The Chatham Cultural Centre had been receiving reports of spiritual disturbances for a few years, it was clear that something needed to be done. Phyllis was part of the group that arrived to the Cultural Centre. The group had discovered that some spirits were trapped in and around the Cultural Centre. When the group arrived, they had determined that there was the spirit of a young girl who was trapped in the box office, a woman’s spirit who was trapped in the mezzanine of the Thames Art Gallery (in the Cultural Centre) and the spirits of soldiers from the War of 1812 trapped in the basement. Phyllis' group was able to contact the spirits and assure them that is was safe to move on. We have not received any reports of spiritual activity since (2011). It was gratifying for us to see that the investigation had been done in a respectful and gentle way.

Jill C.
Ottawa, Ontario

Phyllis is an insightful and talented medium with a rare gift for discerning and relating messages and impressions. I have found her readings incredibly helpful when I am in situations that are unclear or uncomfortable. I would recommend her services without reservation. 

Genie W.
Merlin, Ontario

My experience with Spirit readings through Phyllis is that they are often a confirmation of something I've been feeling, but maybe not really clear on what I'm "getting". For me they can be an affirmation of my own intuition, and as a result, I may feel more confident with what I've been feeling about a specific course of action I may have been leaning towards. I always feel a sense of reverence when receiving a message through a reading... as what ever comes through has crossed the veil between the day to day "reality" (or unreality) and the Divine.

Sarah G.
Cincinnati, Ohio

I feel so fortunate to have experienced one of Phyllis Chapman’s readings. The information and insights that she shared with me were extremely valuable. She seems to be one for whom being as clear a channel as possible is important. I appreciate her devotion to her work, her attunement to Spirit and her huge and most kind heart. Thank you, Phyllis!

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