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Circus Life & Your Heart

How busy are you doing what you Love? For the under 50 crowd , Christmas is clamouring for attention , school concerts, piano recitals, day job rarely slows down and socks can be found everywhere except the laundry basket ! For those of us North of the Big 5-0 we are too weary after a full day’s work to venture out into the evening hours: most days PJs and a cup of tea look pretty darned good. Couple this with the fact time accelerates faster than a snow ball rolling down hill in the winter as we age …

At my funeral do I really want to hear people proclaim my carpets where always vacuumed and plants looked healthy? That I was married to my job and to other people’s needs ? That my life ripe with potential all of my days but somehow never made it on to the to do list ? Yuck !

How does my sensitive intuitive heart decide what I shall do this day ? My longings desires and unborn creations are exiled to the desert where harsh sun strips the body of my dreams of its fleshy succulence and renders them into some half buried bleached version of lost hope.

All happening under a sky of Black Moon Lilith who cries out to the chalice of my heart .She calls out in my body with the rapid-fire changes and sudden smashing of super imposed self-limiting boundaries that comes with it. Blasting my body from head to toe, the heat generated … also known as a Hot Flash … the mid-life crone-hooded power surge! Her sister, the Goddess Kali , the time keeper, reminds me to know the myriad skeletons and bodies rotting away under the earth are keeping me alive, and each and that every one of us will die and rot away.

As I walk to the tightrope of my Circus Life , Lilith and Kali playing their ageless songs, I am not alone. My sisters of like mind and like heart keep the Greater Heart Light shining brightly as we let parts of ourselves die , new parts are still to be born, our authentic selves-emerging. Cirque du Soleil for the Soul !

As intuitive women we face challenges that are often unique to the greater world around us. Often in childhood our sensitive Souls were not validated if they were recognized at all so indeed what was special went unseen. Curiously, the unseen unspoken world is the very place we ours hearts, as adults, wish to contact to either by yoga, meditation, art-making , mediumship or animal communication.

Traits of our sensitive Young Ones:

  • Empathic curious and strong-willed

  • often perceived by friends and family as being strange

  • Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose

  • Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood (which, however, does not necessarily imply a direct interest in spiritual or religious areas)

  • Have a strong feeling of entitlement, either deserving or valiantly fighting to be here

  • High I.Q.

  • Inherent intuitive ability

  • Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority

True enough, childhood abuse and even mental illness can bring about a more sensitive tuned in experience to the Higher realms the Higher Heart. The key is to reside firmly in BOTH worlds. Seeking therapy and communicating with the Unseen Realms. Taking medication and art-making. For those of us who have difficulty staying in the physical because of pain, refusing to fully incarnate, the balance is found by returning to our heart centre through nature, movement, yoga, meditation.

Heart knowledge of what do next is always accessible in this moment. Yes this moment while you are reading. Pause, take a deep breath go inside and ask your heart … it is your birthright as the source of greatest intelligence and power.

Trust your heart, have faith in it ; the kind of faith that is like a bird who feels the light of dawn when it is still dark . Remember who you are, and let a deeper knowing colour the shape of your humanness and heart centered destiny.

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