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Winter Soltice

For unto us a Child is born ... in this , the darkest and longest night of the year, remember to turn within and hold all the selves you have ever been ... holding tenderly the Light of the former self as well as the Dark .

I wish for the Christ Light to be reborn in your heart and in your Life . May 2016 find you renewed and ever evolving as both a person and as One who is Divine .

Winter Solstice

-- from Art Psalms, by Alex Grey

Eternally, the light returns in the Heavens In cycles of light and darkness to Earth, Touching our Hearts where love is cradled. Christ, the Godself, is reborn in us, Illuminating and healing any breach with Spirit. Christ, the Godself, is our highest possibility, A bridge of spectral Light Both personal and universal, From the gross material to subtle astral, To visionary jewels, Originating as One Transcendental Ground, Sundered from all twoness. Christ, the Godself, reborn as the light of Spirit, Glowing in our heart manger.

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