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Spiritual Practice : Not What You Believe

I had a Soul Full Sunday practicing Yoga and art making at Yoga glow Studio. I was fascinated by the intersection of my Metaphysical beliefs, meditation practice, yoga and art . However, our spiritual practice is not about beliefs and creeds. It does not require faith in a Heavenly Father nor any memorized litanies. It is as separate from religion as the sea from the shore.

Our spiritual practice is a sign of commitment, a dedication to the art of transforming your experience into shapes that can be of use-stories, poems, symphonies, screenplays. Oh yes and let’s not forget about collage !

It is where we prepare the soil so the seed that comes from Life Itself, that is planted in our bodies, can reach toward the sun and come to fruition.

Our spiritual practice is the space and place where you love yourself-honor, heal and collect yourself. It is where you lose and find yourself, where you hear the sound of Intelligence knocking and open your arms to welcome her gifts.

It is the communion table where yin and yang, light and dark, masculine and feminine, body and soul dissolve their borders and melt like chocolate into each others' arms. It is the time when mystery trumps the cares and questions of CNN, when AWE rises up like dawn to chase away the half-gods and demons of the dark.

We feel it in front of the canvas, on the yoga mat and in the depths of transcendent meditation. This can also be found digging around in the garden as hands tend the soil and the rest of the world, our self-concept melts into the earth . Time is suspended here.

Without it, you are a plate overflowing with empty calories, a light bulb flickering with a failing filament, an artesian well that has not been tapped. What use can you to be yourself or others when you fail to heal your open wounds, drink in the light, thresh and winnow the grist of your life?

Go to the place of quiet and comfort. Go to the silence, the cavern of dark. Your true self awaits sheltering the original Light , the first breath as your Soul came into Being. The birthplace of the I AM.

Darkness is your candle and the silence is full.

Om Shanti Peace


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