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Past Lives & Reincarnation

Today is my dearest friend’s 50th birthday. We’ve known each other since March of 1998; my first blog post is dedicated to her, not only for all we have in this lifetime together but for all the past lifetimes we’ve had together. She recently said, while celebrating my birthday, the best birthday wish she could offer was: “Say YES to all invites and opportunities that come my way”. The nugget of truth uncovered a lot about my hermitage and also gave me the energetic boost to launch this website. What better day to do it than her birthday? What better topic than our past lives?


When I met her, she lived at 32 Phyllis Avenue. If my namesake street wasn’t enough, then there’s the fact that every house I had owned up until that point had a 32 in it.

We are both born on the 17th of the month, we both gave birth to sons 20 days apart, we both love strawberry spinach salad, we’re both artists, our favourite poet is e.e. cummings ( I have to add Rumi as a tie) and so so much more . Let’s not even speak of the Jimmy Choo shoes!

Feeling of comfort or being at home

(or extreme discomfort) which ever one would be the opposite of how one would normally feel towards a new acquaintance; in this case was a great effortless sense of being at ease.

Déjà vu

A sense of having been there before or in this case a vague sense or feeling of sense of shared history. Like when a word is on the tip of one’s tongue there is the vague feeling that more information is on the tip of our minds. If it is a sense of foreboding it still counts but this is referred to as déjà poo . What makes it déjà as it feels like an actual memory not just “you’re cool” or “you’re scary “

Tolerance of Epic Proportions

A whole ‘nuther level of tolerance for differences; yes, even those we love drive us crazy some days. If the past lives had been positively tied with karma or negative karma had been cleared (resolved) then there is possibly no way to irk each other in this lifetime. Hey we are both chock full of imperfections but for the life of me I can’t see them in her. When we trip over each other the communication is easy, so easy, ridiculously easy to resolve. Then just as easily forgotten (or maybe it is my age).

Deep Reciprocity

Goes beyond the liking of the same salad, a feeling you would or could do anything for the other person without strings attached. It feels natural. It feels like the other is always there somehow even if you go for a while without seeing each other. A feeling you’ve known each other a very very long time. You both feel it but nobody needs to say it. You could drop anything if they needed you.


If you know them for a bit in this lifetime there feels like something deeper and bigger is going on with the karmic wheel we call time. The “something” can also be vague or unnoticed or comes out through daily life.

Past lives and children

The Buddhists are strong believers in reincarnation; the current Dalai Lama was able to accurately identify his objects of everyday life before the age of 5. Some mystics believe if you ask a child around 2 or 3 who they were previously they can tell you some things about their prior life. My son claimed he was a man playing piano on a big big stage in front of a lot of people. His talent for music is remarkable and yes we can bring talents forward from other lives especially if something comes very easily.

Hypnosis & Mediums & Meditation

If the person performing the hypnosis is trustworthy and well trained this can be a wonderful tool for discovering and uncovering information. A medium can also address, via Spirit, information on past lives. I had much success in accessing a past life under hypnosis and it really help to ground some “illogical” fears in my life at the time as the memories validated the fears as memories and therefore I could let them go .

One’s own meditations can sometimes provide flashes of insight. This was the case with another friend who had been my twin sister in prior lifetime; after this came during meditation time, I further went out to seek a picture of twin girls from that period of history and country. The pictures tweaked my consciousness to re-member more information; it always comes back to memory for a purpose, this time explains a lot about our relationship.

Further exploration

Dr. Ian Stevenson who became internationally recognized for his research into reincarnation by discovering evidence suggesting that memories and physical injuries can be transferred from one lifetime to another:

Dr. Brian L. Weiss’s book: Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

If you are seeking information on your past lives or the past lives of significant people in your life please contact me and we can book some session time!

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